RV Park

Hillside Properties also has the option for you to rent one of our Furnished RVs; we also rent the Spaces for you to park your RV. 

RV Rates (all Utilities Included & Furnished)

Monthly:   $1,100.00 (one bedroom)
Weekly:     $350.00   (one bedroom)

Monthly:   $1,300.00 (two bedroom)
Weekly:     $400.00   (two bedroom)

RV Spaces (all Utilities Included)

Monthly: $600.00
Weekly:   $200.00
Daily:  $35.00
*Security Deposit is the same as one month's rent; in case you do not have the whole deposit to move in your new home, we would be able to work with you on that by giving you up to two months to pay your full deposit. 

*Security Deposits are totally refundable after fulfilling your lease.